Each of our trainers will provide you with a customized program based around your wants, needs, and comfort level. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply feel more confident and less pain we can help you get there. They will also work with you as long as you wish to help monitor your progress and adjust your training appropriately. We’ve also had many, many clients start with a trainer to “learn the ropes” before augmenting their training with classes. Your trainer will also be able to help you build a foundation of strength, learn proper technique, and minimize your risk of injury. We all work together here!
Amber is the fearless leader and mastermind behind The Training Room Atlanta. Her determination and dedication to improving not only her clients and those around her, but also herself, has made her one of the most influential and motivating fitness professionals in her industry. Amber is now accepting semi-private training sessions incorporating assessment, performance, recovery and nutrition all in a new training studio space.
Bo has been a personal trainer for over a decade and specializes in strength training and muscle-building. He believes in long-term solutions built on better habits, helping his clients learn proper technique to give them autonomy, and always being honest. He has a masters degree in Exercise Science from UGA, where he spent two years as a kicker on the football team. Bo is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through NSCA and has spent thousands of hours on continuing education. When he's not training clients, working out, or reading about fitness and nutrition, he enjoys listening to metalcore and reading about stoicism to keep him from arguing with strangers on the internet about things that don't matter.
Mike Morrison
Mike brings a wide variety of training experience to The Training Room. His career began as a sports performance coach at the collegiate level where he worked with athletes at ball state, Stanford, University of Virginia, and UGA, where he also received his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science.

After that, he worked in several private facilities with clientele ranging from high school athletes to grandparents looking to keep up with their grandkids and everything in-between. He also worked with the 2014-15 atlanta hawks as a strength and conditioning coach, where he helped to implement strength training, conditioning, rehabilitation, and nutritional strategies to one of the top teams in the league.

Mike believes that every training modality has a time and place and always keeps his client’s goals in mind. He knows there are several ways to accomplish any task and enjoys the challenge of finding the right path for each individual he works with.
Geraldine is a Brooklyn Natvie with seven+ yrs of personal training experience. She has a Health Science Bachelor's Degree, with additional certifications ACE-CPT, FMS level 1, USAW Sports Performance LVl 1 Coach, DBC LVl 1 Coach, Pre/Post Natal Specialist, and Integrated Stretch that round out her experience.

Health Science BS, Southern Adventist University • Certified Personal Trainer, ACE • Functional Movement Screen Lvl 1 (FMS Lvl 1) • Senior Fitness Specialist • Pre & Post Natal Specialist • Integrated Stretch Specialist • DBC Lvl 1, Dumbells, Barbells & Cables • Olympic Weightlifting Lvl 1 Coach, USAW
Mike Maddalena
Mike has been a fitness professional since 1996. His long career includes training thousands of Atlantans, owning one of the city’s longest running fitness boot camps, and starting the fourth CrossFit affiliate in the city.

An amateur athlete for most of his life, it was as a collegiate rower in Ithaca, New York where Mike really fell in love with fitness. Athletics never came easy for him, always having to work a little harder and practice a little longer. Not being a natural athlete has helped him to connect and work well with clients of all fitness levels.

Mike believes in a well rounded, balanced approach to creating a fit lifestyle by setting achievable goals to build on, whether they be for weight loss, strength gain, or increasing performance in the gym and in life.
Eddie “I am” George started boxing in 2011. He fell in love with it and has dedicated his life to the sport. It’s a new challenge every day and has made him dig deep to realize who “I am.” Eddie credits boxing with being the best thing he’s done for himself physically, mentally and spiritually. His goal is to make the US team at the end of the year. Eddie is a 3 x Sugar Bert National Champion, 2 x silver medalist Georgia State Golden Gloves, and 2 x Georgia games champion. He enjoys dancing courageously through the chaos and wants you to join him in the BOX.
Phil Catudal
Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Phil is a globe-trotting, food and language loving one-stop fitness guru. He is a Cancer survivor; a top MBA honor’s graduate; a bona fide Celebrity Trainer and iFit coach; a nutritionist; a globally published author; and, most important of all to him, a proud husband and father of four. He's also an empath that "has the outsides of a grizzly bear and the insides of a Japanese anime girl."

After a 5 year battle with childhood Cancer where he learned first hand how scary a frail body can be, Phil's insatiable appetite to be as healthy, educated, and happy as possible began young–and never stopped. He firmly believes that EVERYONE should have equal access to expert knowledge and services if they are willing to put in the work. Phil has worked with many celebrities, including: Van Jones, Steve Howey, Sarah Shahi, John Ross Bowie, Mireille Enos, Brandon Quinn, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Toby Onwumere, All Time Low, and more. At the end of the day, he is a simple guy and a true people person. "Work hard and be nice to people." It's simple. You talk, I listen. Vice versa. Repeat. Now let's train, I am your guy!
Alex has been a personal trainer for 14 years, working with a wide range of clients from high school and college athletes to crossfitters to general fitness clients at all skill levels. Alex believes there is a path for everyone to get stronger and more fit and hopes to help all of his clients find theirs. Alex moved to Atlanta after spending time in Miami, Chicago and St. Louis. He loves hiking, cooking and spending time with his wife and their two dogs.

MS Ed. Kinesiology • CSCS • FMS L2 • NCSF CPT, Strength Coach, Sports Nutrition • CPR/AED
Anggie Pope
There are some things in life that really matter to Anggie; health is one of them. Anggie has worked in fitness for the past 20 years making a difference in people’s lives. Following her purpose in life, she quit her engineering job, jumped off the cliff and worried about the wings later. In college she trained people out of passion but then later educated herself on fitness and received her certifications from ISSA, NASM, and ACE. She dedicated 600 more hours to learning more about exercise science and received a diploma from National Personal Training Institute where she later became an instructor, teaching other people how to be Personal Trainers. Needless to say, she loves what she does! If one life is changed through her instruction, it's worth everything. Her motto: "Make s@#t happen!"

Cato is a former professional softball player turned Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. After graduating from HBCU Claflin University B.S. and Georgia State University M.S., she turned her love for sports into a passion for athletic training. As a former pro athlete, she has an understanding of fitness, teamwork, dedication, consistency and "trusting the process". Cato exudes confidence and compassion, which she instills in all of her clients. Cato also owns an athletic wear line, Compete And TakeOver, LLC. 


"The mind limits the body"


Training methods: strength training, circuit training, isometrics, bodyweight exercise and high-intensity interval training


ISSA, CPT, Nutritionist, CPR/AED

Nickolas Buchanan is a certified personal trainer with an MS in Biomedical Science and 3 years in the field. Living with Crohn's disease has not only shaped his approach to his own health but also given him a unique perspective on personalized fitness and wellness. 
Nickolas specializes in creating tailor-made programs that consider both your strengths and limitations, integrating lessons he's learned from managing his own chronic condition. Whether you aim to lose weight, build muscle, or achieve a healthier lifestyle, Nickolas will guide you with an empathetic and informed approach.
Meg Richichi is an Integrative Women’s Health Practitioner with nearly 30 years of clinical expertise. She practiced in NYC for two decades and currently resides in Atlanta, GA, while providing Telehealth services to women around the country. Meg’s unique ‘East meets West’ approach has helped thousands of women overcome a vast range of hormonal imbalances, including PMS, infertility, PMS, menopause, weight loss resistance, digestive disorders, anxiety, and depression.
Madeleine was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, has a Bachelor of Music degree from Georgia State University, and throughout a series of drumming-related injuries, found her calling to pursue health and fitness, specifically regarding injury prevention. She is going on 10 years of being an ACE certified personal trainer and has helped hundreds of people find healthier, happier lives through movement, from professional athletes to new moms and everyone in between. For new clients, her only ask is that you have a specific performance goal - running a better time at your upcoming half marathon, finding a new personal best on your squat, exploring the sport of Olympic style weightlifting, etc. These performance goals not only make it easier to achieve the aesthetic goals you might have, but they also bring a sense of athletic accomplishment that many people haven't had the opportunity to experience before. It's powerful to feel powerful! 
Sam is native of Seattle, WA, and is an experienced strength and conditioning specialist with 6+ years of experience. He has worked with a wide variety of clientele from athletes, to avid gym goers, and new trainees. By making fitness and nutrition simple and sustainable, he will help you reach your goals by building muscle, increasing strength, enhancing your movement quality, and improving your physique.
Sam received his B.A. in Kinesiology, Sports Studies, and Physical Education at Morehouse College and his M.S. in Strength, Conditioning, and Fitness at the University of Georgia. Sam holds certifications as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Precision Nutrition Level-1 coach (PN1), USA Weightlifting Level-1 Coach (USAW-1), and BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach (CCC). However, the greatest education Sam has received is through working with his clientele. The combination of his education, research, and client feedback allows Sam to create a positive training experience and effective training program.
Outside of the gym, Sam refreshes his mind in art, music, and comedy, and spends quality time with his son, Imre.

Corrin was born and raised in the City of Atlanta Ga. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. Her desire is to not only help clients grow anatomically, but to also facilitate positive mental health and lifestyle habits. She has an extensive background in competitive cheerleading, gymnastics, and performance arts dance. Corrin has been instructing group fitness classes in ATL for the last 5 years. Her coaching certification and background includes a variety of formatting and techniques including Barre, HIIT, Circuit Training, Indoor Cycle, and Boxing.