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The Training Room


The Training Room is Atlanta’s premier fitness facility located in the heart of Midtown on the scenic Atlanta Beltline.

We train the entire body as a whole using high-intensity functional exercises that build strength, burn fat, and guarantee results. Our workouts are constantly varied to continuously better your body. We offer group training, personal training, small group sessions, yoga, massage, and physical therapy.

Every workout at The Training Room is programmed to guarantee you reach your goals.


We are the GPS and you are the driver: tell us where you want to go, and we will get you there. Personal training sessions are specifically designed for each individual client.

You benefit from intense one-on-one sessions with expert trainers who push you to be your best. Personalized workouts integrate your unique physical desires into the high-intensity functional training model of The Training Room.

We offer personal training packages, combined partner training, and even discounts on group training for personal training clients. No matter what your goals are, personal training sessions will accelerate the results you want.

Our brand new personal training studio is located on the second floor of The Training Room. It features individual trainer stations, three squat racks, full set of Kettlebells, two C2 Rowers, a Ski Erg, an AirDyne and more. Our trainers are here to help you on your personal journey. 


As part of our "One Stop, Body Shop" we have an in-house nutrition specialist and physical therapist. Dr. Lauren Polivka is a graduate in sports science from the University of Florida and received her doctorate degree in physical therapy from Northwestern University. She was trained under world famous sports performance coach, Mark Verstegen and sports rehab specialist, Sue Falsone at Athletes Performance. 


RESTORE: Trigger Point Therapy 


Treatment goals are to reorganize the chemical substances in the musculature that create weakness, restricted range of motion and local and referred pain. Trigger Point therapy utilizes thin sterile needles which are inserted into the muscle to decrease muscular knots and local and referred pain

REPAIR: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

IASTM stimulates remodeling/resorption of scar tissue in the body's fascia and the regeneration of damaged tendons and ligaments. The approach is a non-invasive therapy that works fast and consistently…no meds, no needles, no surgery. A scientifically designed tool is used on the skin's surface.

REPLENISH: Nutrition Coaching and Supplementation

Healing and optimal human performance is driven within. The body can heal quicker and optimally with specific nutritional theories and supplementation that focuses on anti-inflammation and repairing the body's tissues.

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RECOVER: Corrective Exercise Programming

Functional screens are provided that diagnose asymmetries and movement impairments that lead to decreased performance and injury risk. Exercises and programs are developed based on individual goals, skills, and sport.